xandy started her writing career at warner bros. and from there went on to work at disney, cartoon network and many other top-notch studios. she has been staffed on, created, written, directed and produced on many mediums: documentary television,  dramatic series, feature films, graphic novels and novels. but her greatest achievement by far is becoming a blue ribbon baker four times over. her parker rolls cannot be beat(!)

xandy is the mother of two amazing, hilarious and talented children, a wife and a devoted best friend to two cats she loves dearly. she spends most of her time watching baking competition shows and homeschooling her kids, while crafting and illustrating new stories in the hybrid illuminated manuscript format that she invented.

Using a clever hybrid script / look-book approach, Xandy creates Illuminated Manuscripts of all her stories.
Not constrained to one medium, Xandy graphic designs all of her manuscripts, painstakingly photoshopping and otherwise constructing her unique and fantastical worlds.
With directorial prowess, Xandy creates stories she can direct, stories that reflect 2021 and beyond.